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Soldiers: Heroes Of World War II Full Movie Hd Download

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Soldiers: Heroes of WWII is one of those games which are not meant to be realistic but it happen to be one. It is also one of those games which are quite fun to play.<br/><br/>In general view, Soldiers looks like an ordinary real-time strategy game which can be confusing for some people. However, the game is actually combination of cinematic action and some small strategy elements. One good description would be &quot;Call of Duty with some small elements from Commandos but in RTS form&quot;.<br/><br/>*THIS PART MAY CONTAIN &quot;SPOILERS&quot;* The game has four campaigns, one for each side, USA, UK, Germany and Soviet Union. USA campaign is based on Operation Market Garden, during actions of 82nd Airbourne division in Nijmegen area. UK campaign is based on fictional event where Germans developed successor for V-2 rocket, called V-3. Germany campaign is based around the famous battle around Villers-Bocage where you can join in the boots of Michael Wittman. Soviet campaign is based on Ukraine&#39;s offensive in 1942.<br/><br/>In campaign game, losing a soldier will cause him to be lost for the rest of the campaign, while if your men survives they will continue from mission to mission, so it is recommended to try to keep your men alive.<br/><br/>There are also seven single missions (called bonus missions in-game) to play if you want some action. Traning camp is also included in-game.<br/><br/>*&quot;SPOILERS&quot; END HERE* As already mentioned, Soldiers does look quite much like ordinary RTS game. However, you will find soon that it will require more usage of your head, tactical eye and guerrilla\ambush warfare in most of the cases, since you usually have only around 2-8 soldiers to command per mission, and sometimes you may have a vehicle or even two\three. So usually you will need to use tactics to overcome the enemy. There are usually NPC&#39;s around in some missions but you cannot issue orders to them.<br/><br/>The game is quite realistic despite it&#39;s cinematic alike visual look. Especially the tanks: there are multiple places that can be destroyed, like tracks, gun, turret, engine and so on. Also it depends pretty much how they are destroyed. Sometimes they may just slow down and possibly burn slightly, sometimes they explode like gunpowder. Also it has lots of small details, like damage inflicted depends on where hit and it is even possible to shoot the helmet off from enemy soldier. Weaponry is also well done: rifles have long range and kills quickly, submachineguns are close combat weaponry and machineguns are similar to rifles. However, it is silly that (heavy) cannons have only 79.9m of range total (!!) Supplying your men is not a problem in Soldiers, as pistols and submachineguns use same SMG- bullet, and rifles uses the same one-size-for-all rifle bullet. With vehicles, the calibre matters. Also you can steal almost everything around, from enemy weaponry to tanks and alike; as long as tank is not fully destroyed you can take machinegun off from the turret, man the tank and use it against it&#39;s former masters and so on.<br/><br/>Also, almost everything can be destroyed. It can be used for your own advantage but also it may cause you to have problems with some enemy positions if you do not have any cover when you move.<br/><br/>One of the best features in-game is &quot;Direct Control&quot;. This allows you to control your soldier or vehicle as you would do it in some first person shooter - just with the RTS air-to-ground view. This is very useful in tight situations and especially with vehicles since it does matter where you shoot.<br/><br/>However, one of the biggest letdown generally is the AI. It does it job overall well but if you leave &quot;Fire at Will&quot; and &quot;Move at Will&quot; orders on, your soldiers would try to challenge even tank with a rifle and enemy soldiers also tend to rush sometimes against your tanks and positions. Also they may not always react what is going on around, which can be very funny but stupid sometimes. Also, the learning curve of the game is slightly higher than you can expect and the game is not exactly so easy as some people might think. Luckily, the AI problem is quite minor for your own part since the direct control allows you to handle some close situations yourself and some other small things like that.<br/><br/>Overall, the game is excellent masterpiece. It is not one of those games where you just move through and that&#39;s it. In fact, Soldiers has quite high replay value due the free world. Technically there are over dozens of ways to complete every mission. Only AI and some small problems there and there prevents me to give it the biggest rating out. This game simply rocks.<br/><br/>If you want well done action-RTS alike game which has lots of innovative stuff around - Soldiers : Heroes of WWII is the game for you.

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